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  • A Slice of Green

    A Slice of Green offers conscious consumers a stylish range of reusable products that can help them work towards a more sustainable life style. All products are functional, simple to use and easy to adopt into everyday life. Each one is made from high quality stainless steel chosen for its non-leaching, durable nature. All products are designed to pack and transport healthy, homemade food and drinks for all the family. As a matter of nature all products are free from BPA, phthalates and lead.

  • abeego

    Abeego is an amazing story about Toni and Colin from British Columbia, Canada. They were determined to make an alternative to plastic wraps and aluminium foils to save the environment and at the same time make food last longer. The starting point was their knowledge of an almost forgotten recipe for preserving foods. For hundreds of years before the arrival of industrial products, cloth infused with beeswax, resin and plant oils was used. The couple finally decided to revive the tradition from their home and since then many markets all over the world have craved for their 100% natural products. Abeego is an amazing, simple and yet unique product that saves the environment for big amounts of waste and saves you as a consumer a lot of money. Not only is Abeego completely compostable, it also prolongs the lifespan of foods and reduces food waste significantly

  • Alépia

    Alepia's unique and exclusive range of natural soaps and body care products, carefully formulated using only premium quality raw ingredients and created by our master artisan soap maker using skills passed down through many generations.
  • Bio-D

    100% hypoallergenic, vegan and environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • BioBag

    BioBag from Norway is the worlds leading manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable bags. As a matter of fact, BioBag is one of the ONLY bags in the world that is compostable. BioBags are so natural that the expiry date is only 18 months from date of manufacture, unlike plastic bags that can shelf for a life time. BioBag gives you the possibility to do something about one of the largest plastic pollution contributors, the household garbage bags and not least dog waste bags. When you use BioBags you can rest assured you pack your waste in the most responsible manner possible. If you use the clever MaxAir waste bucket combined with BioBags, you get the most advanced household waste system in the market.

  • Croll & Denecke

    Sustainability and environmentally friendly use of raw materials from the sea through traditional formulas are fundamental elements of Croll & Denecke’s business philosophy.

  • dopper

    Dopper’s mission is to achieve a world in which people are conscious of the environment we live in, where the amount of single-use plastic is reduced and where everyone, near and far, has access to safe drinking water.

    Dopper aims to achieve this through the following three pillars of thought:

    1. creating awareness regarding the impact of single-use plastic waste and inspiring people to initiate a change.

    2. offering an innovative product line of sustainable design bottles for drinking water.

    3. increasing access to safe drinking water for people around the world.

  • Duracell

    Who does not know Duracell? Duracell is the epidemy of long life time and quality. This is also true for their LED bulbs and solar landscape lamps. Duracell is a strong brand with quality at level with other lead brands. In landscape lighting Duracell is in a category of its own with a lumen output much higher than traditional cheap products. We have searched high and low for LED landscape lighting using natural materials and still maintaining high quality and social accountability. We have not been able to find this and therefore have to accept the use of plastics in order to ascertain outdoor durability

  • E-Cloth

    E-Cloth is micro fiber cleaning taken to another level. Recommended by Miele, Bosch, Electrolux and many others for its outstanding quality.

    With E-Cloth you can clean with water only, and yet get amazing cleanliness and kill 99% of harmful bacteria. 

    Contrary to most micro fiber products, E-Cloth sheds < 1% of its weight during its service life. 

    E-Cloth is the premium market leader and offers strong retail bonus packs as a part of the programme

  • Ecoegg

    Ecoegg is the worlds leading brand in wash devices. Ecoegg laundry products are extremely successful in Scandinavia, UK and Germany. 

    Posting unparallelled environmental advantages, Ecoegg is a top selling product in all retail stores.

    Ecoegg is approved by Allergy UK, the National Eczema Society UK and the German Allergy Association DHA.

    The program of laundry products includes laundry eggs, laundry refills and dryer eggs.

    Ecoegg is highly successful sold at leading retail chains across North Europe

  • EcoSavers

    EcoSavers from Holland is a leading brand in smart eco-gadgets. The EcoSavers brand offers 10+ years experience with high demands for manufacturing partners and responsible production. Products include water saving devices, heat saving devices and power saving devices.

  • Eliah Sahil

  • Friendly Soap

    Friendly use the traditional Cold Process method of natural handmade soap making, which not only generates zero by-product but also allows them to carefully choose every ingredient and make natural handmade soap that is Earth friendly, Animal friendly and Skin friendly.

    Friendly Soap is proudly registered with both the Vegan Society and Buav (Cruelty Free).

    Friendly Soap only contain natural oils such as Coconut, Olive, Shea, Cocoa and Castor for their beneficial properties. No palm oil is used anywhere. Essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs are used to scent, colour and gently ex-foliate. That’s it. Nothing else.

    Friendly Soap is totally opposed to using harmful preservatives or foaming agents, believing there is simply no need for SLS or Parabens. The incredible silky smooth lather our natural handmade soap produces and its long life are completely down to the cold process method and the careful choice of ingredients.

  • GeOrganics

  • GreenGenius

    GreenGenius is a market leading Danish company with distribution of sustainable products to Scandinavian customers. As a part of the wide portfolio of 500+ products, the GreenGenius brand is applied to a number of natural and organic products. GreenGenius is a trusted brand in natural and sustainable products

  • Laboratoires de Biarritz

    So that the whole family can safely enjoy the sunshine, ALGA MARIS Suncare combines efficacy and tolerance perfectly. They ensure optimal cellular protection thanks to their anti-UV screens and patented anti-radical active ingredient. Safe for the skin and environmentally friendly, ALGA MARIS offers high natural sun protection.
  • LoofCo

    A Brush With Nature 

    LoofCo is a unique range of pads, brushes & accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & personal care. LoofCo products are made with sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut (Loofah + Coconut = LoofCo!). LoofCo products are plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable and offer an effective alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges.

  • Organic Essence

    Organic Essence was founded in 2006 after the USDA National Organic Program allowed non-food agriculturally derived products to certify to their existing organic food standard. Organic Essence was one of the first body care product companies to certify to this standard, and to this day is one of a small number to only produce certified organic products.

    Organic certification matters because deceptive marketing has made ‘natural’ bodycare product claims largely meaningless. Organic Essence’s DNA is simply about not using the chemicals that raise health concerns because the safest amount of any synthetic chemical is none.

    Products are not just what’s in a package but also the package itself. This understanding led Organic Essence to re-imagine packaging as being part of the life cycle, rather than as something that is dangerous and threatens life. Organic Essence is where genuinely sustainable products and packaging are being invented and made.

    Organic Essence products - including their packaging - are derived from life, are a part of life, sustain life and will continue to live in life forever. Organic Essence was made to serve you.

    Here’s to your good health and your appreciation of life.

  • Planet Pure

    Planet Pure does everything it can to make the world a better place.

    Planet Pure has laid its tracks for sustainability, and is indeed the leading pioneers within organic cleaning products.

    Planet Pure care a lot about the environment. At Planet Pure it all starts with the compounds and ingredients that are being used. All ingredients are biodegradable in less than 30 days and made from plant-based raw materials.

    Planet Pure deliberately avoid using pesticides, instead they trust the power of nature, as it has quite a lot to offer in terms of cleaning power too. Therefor, Planet Pure does not use unnecessary chemical foam boosters that are not really helpfull.

    In order to avoid uneeded packaging, Planet Pure are currently testing refill stations in selected DM stores. Furthermore, Planet Pure only use renewable energy for the production.
  • ReSpiin

    ReSpiin is a pioneer in the field of quality textile and jute products. All products are made to high specifications and have a distinct environmental message. The outstanding throws are made from recycled wool, carefully and passionately weaved by skilled Indian weavers to provide you with outstanding comfort.

  • Selyn

    Selyn is not just a handicrafts company. Selyn is a Sri Lankan community

    Founded in 1991, Sandra Wanduragala started Selyn in her home garage with 15 women in the village of Wanduragala in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. She was joined shortly thereafter by her brother and Managing Director, Hilary Wanduragala.

    Today, Selyn now has more than 1000+ rural artisans within its networks.

    Sandra’s daughter and namesake, Selyna Peiris has since joined the company to lead its next generation.

    Today Selyn is Sri Lanka’s only Fair-trade certified handicrafts company and one of its largest social enterprises.

  • Silvercare

    Silvercare organic intimate hygiene products are the most sensitive and considerate you as a woman can use on your body. All Silvercare products are Nordic Ecolabelled, GOTS certified and allergy tested at Allergy Certified.
    For you, Silvercare means that you as a woman are not exposed to bleached viscose fibers inside - or on your body. It also means that you are not exposed to plastic directly on the skin. Just plastic and viscose provide itchy genes for many women. Silvercare binders and panty liners heat and irritation, which is a frequent cause of eg fungus.

    All Silvercare products except tampons without casing are completely plastic-free. Instead, maize-based bioplastic is used, made with natural ingredients. However, a very thin shell of the polypropylene is used on tampons without casings for convenience of setup.

    Silvercare products are not compostable or fully biodegradable. There are no intimate hygiene products there because everyone contains a glue layer that connects the absorbent core with the protective layer. They are, however, made with the utmost respect for both the woman and the environment, which is not a product on the market that is cleaner than Silvercare.
  • Stasher

    The Stasher Snack Bag is food approved, airtight and very easy to close.

    Made from the best food-safe silicone, Stasher bags are a must-have in the sustainable household.
  • Under The Nile

    Under the Nile is an important American brand in organic toys and baby accessories. Under The Nile is an outstanding manufacturer where ecology, quality and social accountability all come together. Founded in 1998 by Janice and Mohamed in the USA, Under The Nile has become one of the world’s most respected brands in ecological toys and baby clothing
    Everything is made from organic Egyptian cotton, GOTS and Fairtrade certified and as a matter of nature compliant to CE standards.

  • Whesco Trading

  • Wrappy

    Food Wrap handmade in Denmark.

    Every single pack of Wrappy was made with love by skilled Danish workers at a farm based production site. This way we can also ascertain that the quality of each individual sheet of fabric is perfect.

    The ingredients have been carefully selected by us personally in careful cooperation with specialists in Germany and Portugal. When we select partners and ingredients we pay utmost attention to both food safety, environmental concerns and social responsibility.

    Our all-natural products are comprised of GOTS certified organic cotton, which is then carefully coated with a blend of Mediterranean rosin, beeswax and organic jojoba oil.

    Even our packaging is made with the greatest care. All Wrappy packaging is made at the highest certified printer in Denmark. Wrappy packaging is Cradle-to-Cradle certified, made from FSC pulp and printed with environmental colors.
  • Y•E•S

    Y•E•S is a Danish company supplying quality solutions and products, that provides reduced carbon footprints and healthy financial benefits for their clients.

    A major reason why we cooperate with Y•E•S is the strong focus on high ethical standards, including social responsibility. Y•E•S have been involved with the development of Duracell® LED lighting which is now established on a global scale. 

  • Zinobel

    Zinobel Organic Boost is Danish natural anti-aging skin care manufacturer of the highest quality.

    Founded in 2011 and nominated for the Danish Beauty Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

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