• Kitchen utensils
    Kitchen utensils

    The majority of kitchen products are made from the most sustainable materials like bamboo and jute. Unlike cheap products you will find only quality products made with social acceptability. Products from Bambu are probably the finest bamboo products in the market, made from ecological bamboo under Fairtrade principles in a small Chinese village. Bamboo grows 8-10 times faster than trees and release 35% more oxygen than a comparable forest.  Jute is also a plant that absorbs large quantities of CO2 and releases high amounts of oxygen. Just 1 acre of jute plants absorb up to 6 tons of CO2 in just 100 days and release 5 tons of oxygen! ReSpiin jute products are at the highest quality level. Our few tree products are made from certified wood by socially accountable artisans.

  • Reusable containers
    Reusable containers

    Another opportunity to save on plastic and get a superior and long lasting product. Here you will find storage products and lunch boxes made from food grade steel. Unlike many cheap products made from recycled steel that may contain heavy metals. Bamboo products are the natural and good choice for a number of purposes (coming soon).

  • Bin bags
    Bin bags

    Garbage bags are one of the biggest contributors of plastic waste in the everyday. Best case, they are bio-degradable but there is still lots of plastic particles in there. The solution to this problem is Norwegian, the unique BioBag trash bag. They are fully compostable and no plastics involved. That means you can put your bio trash in those bags and either put it in the trash can with a clean conscience or even dig it down in the garden. Because BioBags are made from 100% natural products they have a shelf life of 18 months only. At a price of just $ 0.15 each you can make a great contribution on saving plastic garbage and keep your trash can clean at the same time. If you use the MaxAir bucket you also make sure your bio-garbage does not rot as it is fully ventilated and allows the garbage to breathe through the BioBags.

  • Dining
  • Tableware

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