Ecoegg - Fresher for Longer food saver Discs - 4 pk

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh with this Fresher for Longer Disc from Ecoegg. Placed in a fruit bowl or vegetable dish - 4 discs will last for 12 months!

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Extend the life of your fruit and vegetables and reduce food waste!

The same simple yet effective technology that is used to keep commercial fishermen vessels fruit and vegetables fresh at sea while they are out for weeks, is now available in your own home.

Each box contains 4 fruit & vegetables Fresher for Longer discs.  Each single disc will work to keep maintain the freshness of your produce for about 3 months absorbing natural gas that fresh produce releases which is what causing deteroriation.

With these 4 discs in the package, you can essentially have a year's worth of discs to keep your fresh fruit and vegetables Fresher for Longer.

Ecoegg Fresher for Longer discs are an easy and economical way to reduce food waste and save money.  Break the vicious circle of fruit & vegetables that do not last long.


When fruit and vegetables begin to ripen they release ethylene gas. This naturally produced gas is what breaks down fruit quickly allowing it to decompose for new growth to begin.  That is the cycle of life in general.  Here, however, you can slow that vicious circle before deterioration is started by having the natural gases absorbed into the disc and not landing on the produce keeping your fresh fruits and vegetables Fresher for Longer.

Each fruit & vegetable disc will last for approx. 3 months once opened from their wrapper and require no maintenance.

Just put a disc in the refrigerator bin, countertop fruit bowl or a cooler box and they will last for about 3 months. Here they will absorb the ethylene gas and increase the life of your fruit and vegetables so you can minimize your consumption.

As a big bonus, it also means that pesky banana flies which are attracted to decomposing fruit will be either completely eliminated or at a minimum significantly reduced as the fruit remains ripe!

Ecoegg's Fresher for Longer discs contain zeolites and dissolved potassium permanganate. NOTE When potassium permanganate comes in direct contact to water or moisture it will change to a purple coloring agent - take care to not tear the disc or expose the inner content. Children and pets should be kept away from fruit disc.


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